• Medical emergency

• Police

• Fire brigade






Pharmacie Principale, 1st floor,
7/7 | 6am- 9pm

Railway station CFF airport
Pharmacie Sun Store,
7/7 | 8am – 8pm

La Tour hospital

The emergency department of Hospital La Tour is open 24/7
022 719 60 00 or 022 719 61 11
3 Av. J.D. Maillard
1217 Meyrin

SOS médecins

A doctor comes at the hotel
022 748 49 50

In case of fire

The safety of our guests is of utmost concern to us.
Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures as outlined below.

Audible alarms :

Our hotel conducts periodic fire drills for the safety of our guests and employees alike. Should a fire drill be scheduled during the time of your stay, you will be informed at the time of check-in.

Fire :

If you were not notified of a scheduled fire drill, please take each audible alarm as a sign of an emergency. In all our guestrooms, you will find a fire evacuation plan posted on the back of the guest room door. Please familiarize yourself with the exact location of your room as well as the way to the nearest emergency exit.

Our hotel is equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers for your safety. Should you detect a fire, please press the nearest fire alarm button. Should the fire alarm sound, please exercise care before leaving the room.

Feel your room door; if the door is hot to the touch, do not open the door, but remain in the room and contact the front desk. Should you leave the room in case of fire, please do not open any windows. When leaving the room, do so quickly and calmly.

Elevator :

In case of an emergency, please do not use the elevators. Please take the nearest escape route as laid out on your room’s emergency evacuation plan.